Moving Tips & Seller Etiquette

No matter how organized you are, moving is a stressful and sometimes a chaotic time. At times there is uncertainty of what to do and what not to do when moving out of a property and it becomes easy to forget that there is a common moving house etiquette. Nonetheless, it is still important to research and follow this ‘code of conduct’. You should leave your house the same way as you’d expect your new house to be left. 

A guide has been assembled here for you to answer hopefully all your questions on what you should do when selling and buying a house.

Seller Etiquette

When selling your property, it is only right that you make sure it is in the same condition it was when buyers were viewing it. Every person might have different views and values on house etiquette. However, remember to ask yourself: what would you expect if you were buying the house? Before moving out, it is important that you clean, essentially leaving the house spotless, if possible. When you move into your new house, you wouldn’t want to be cleaning up after the previous property owners, so be courteous and manage your time to give your house a thorough clean before moving out. If you don’t have enough time, professionals are always available to help. We’ve created a checklist you should go through before leaving;

  1. Cleaning every rooms
  2. Wiping down drawers and visible surfaces
  3. Cleaning home appliances
  4. Taking out the garbage
  5. Leaving any fixtures and fittings stated in the contract

House Viewing Etiquette for Buyers

When searching for a new home, always keep in mind that it is not your house… yet. You should always be respectful when viewing a house and display proper manners. To keep you in check, follow the points listed; 

  1. Be courteous
  2. Arrive on time
  3. Offer to remove your shoes
  4. Don’t bring any food or drink inside 
  5. Avoid bringing children or pets, if possible
  6. Don’t negotiate on the price list there
  7. Don’t open anything without permission
  8. Don’t take photos without asking

7 Moving House Tips:

1. Clean Up After Yourself

Just as you were taught in school, clean up after yourself. When moving into a new house, you wouldn’t want to clean up after the previous owners, so don’t expect people to clean up after you. Don’t leave any garbage and ensure home appliances are clean to avoid a build in dirt which would lead to the new homeowners replacing it. You should consider deep cleaning the house to the last bit of dust, making the process of moving in for the new owners as smooth as possible. 

2. Inform the Neighbours

You can choose to inform the neighbours that you’re moving and that they should expect new people in the neighbourhood. You can also inform them about any specifics about the new owners such as if they’re a family with young kids. This way, your neighbours will be prepared, and perhaps be ready to welcome them with a housewarming gift. If you have a good relationship with your neighbours, let them know as soon as possible as they may want to help with the move or wish you well. If you don’t have a particularly good relationship with your neighbours, telling them two weeks in advance is a good time to break the news.

3. Leave Nice Touches

To welcome the new occupants, you can choose to leave some thoughtful touches around the house as a nice gesture. Usually, sellers leave some sort of welcoming gifts, such as wine bottles. If you choose not to go that extra step, at least ensure that they have moving house essentials like toilet paper and soap. If you wish to inform the newcomers of anything worthy of knowing from the house to the area, leave a kind note behind for them. 

4. Create an Inventory 

If you plan on taking anything that was displayed when the buyer viewed the house, you’ll have to ensure this is clear to the buyer before you sign the fixtures and fittings inventory.

Legal action could be taken by the buyer if you take something with you after stating that it’ll be there on the inventory. Also, it’s morally expected that you leave most of the fixtures and fittings when you’re moving house.

5. Forward Mail

Visit a post office or change your address online. Consider leaving your new address for the buyers, just in case any mail for you are delivered to that property after you move out.

6. Disconnect Utilities

Let the utility companies know that you’re moving and give them a date to discontinue service as well as an address for your new bill. Usually that date, is the date the sale is finalized. Setting up everything ahead of time avoids issues of anyone getting billed for a service they didn’t use.

7. Leave Fixtures and Fittings

Most fixtures and fittings should be left when moving to a new house. Remember that you wouldn’t expect to show up at your new house without light fittings, plugs and kitchen counters and cupboards. This will be sorted out by your conveyancer.

Who Can You Ask for Help When Moving?

It’s not impolite to ask for help when moving, especially if it helps you and your family as much as possible. You may not like the idea of asking people you know for help, but as long as you’re respectable when asking, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Make sure you’re organized and capable of giving them a timeframe. You should think of ways to thank them such as ordering food or simply giving them a ‘Thank You’ card.  

There’s also the option of calling in the professionals and booking a removals company.  

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Windsor-Essex Real Estate Market Statistics:

There were 366 new listings in the month of December, with 402 properties sold. Sales were up 35.60% for the month from this time last year, to an average sale price of $453,479 according to Windsor-Essex County Association of Realtors. 

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